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Well, I meant to post at the beginning of the week and here it is Saturday. I really don't see how those of you with full time jobs keep up with everything - yes I do, you have to manage your time better :-)

The 20th Annual Greater Downstate Indoor Bluegrass Festival in Springfield, IL went very well. Pete Wernick asked Bruce and I to show up at the jam camp for a bit on Friday so the campers could meet us and thank us for the vegie trays and the cheese tray we had provided the three days of the camp. That worked out well because they got to see what we looked like and they kept an eye out for us in the jamming rooms. We did most of our jamming with the jamcampers. Our friend, Jennifer got to meet Pete, which was great since the interview had gone so well. She also stayed and jammed! It is so nice having a good but not pushy about it fiddler in the jams I'm in ;-) Here's a photo of Jennifer, Pete Wernick, Bruce and I.


I also had my picture taken with Rhonda Vincent. She's been the Female Vocalist of the Year for the International Bluegrass Music Association for something like 7 years in a row. Can you guess which one is Rhonda? LOL


It was a great weekend!

I really do need to increase my repertoire. I'm going to start learning at least the easy versions of some of the more popular fiddle tunes and learn a lot more of the melodies for songs that are sung so I can be better at the jam sessions.

Fencing is going well. I'm going to finally buy myself a sabre, I've been longterm "borrowing" one from a guy in the club and I figure it's about time I get my own.

I'm doing a bit of struggling right now. Bru is a bit touchy about money again and that always makes me feel badly as I don't work. It never works well when I have worked so I really don't want to go there, he says he doesn't want me to bother with getting a job because he knows it's a . . . a . . . issue - thing - ego destroying pain in the _ _ _ for me. But I still feel badly that I don't help bring in income. It won't bring in much, but I'm thinking of asking Sarah to help me do a garage sale in the spring. I can do a bit to help with the cost of her wedding and get rid of some junk I really don't need. I have a housefull of stuff I don't need.

I have two stories sent in for the next Marigold's Challenge. That's a good thing :-)

Time to head around and see how all of you are doing!


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Nov. 18th, 2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
Cher LPT,

Glad to see you posting and equally glad you had a great time. Cool pics. Good luck w/ your fencing. Remember, in Sabre as you go en guard you should make a fist of your non-blade hand and plant it vertically at a comfortable spot on your back hip near your waist. Making a fist helps to protect the fingers of the non-blade hand. And it even looks great form-wise.

Also, keep your head vertical at all times. Leaning in puts your noggin in more danger than necessary and diminishes your balance (I am bad about that, I'm a leaner). And always think "light" on your feet. As in chess where the Queen can cover any line of open spaces in one quick move, speed is Queen in fencing - not that the other pieces are to be tossed aside as unnecessary, but if you are slow you can have the best form and technique in the world, but what good does that avail you if you always arrive at the dance after it is over. As f/ timing - TO ME timing is just a natural aspect of speed - they are an inseparable. All of this however does not mean flat out unbridled speed at all times - not at all. Just work on it so that when you say so the light that others think of as your arm-hand-blade is capable of just being light - no matter, no mass, no nothing - just energy that is capable of going where you think it AND then to the next thought and the next almost faster than you can think it. The hand (the energy) thinks f/ itself...almost.

Opps! Sorry to have bored you w/ that, LPT.

As always, you have my best,

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