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It's been a while . . . again.

I'm tired.

I stayed up until about 1:00am on Friday the 30th because I was at Sarah's house watching her dog, Maggie, give birth to 3 puppies :-)

I'm comfortably wearing size 18 jeans :-)

I have a black-on-black Beecake shirt and, thanks to Wednesday, a Beecake EP :-)

I just finished a multi-chapter fanfiction story that was very well received. I'm starting another that is the brain-child of a writer in Germany. She wanted her idea to be accessable to English speakers and asked at a group site if anyone would be interested in writing it. I volunteered and I'm excited about it - I think it will be a good story.

Much is well with my end of the world.

In some of my friends ends of the world, things are rough.

My friend Pipkin's husband is very ill. He had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks (I think) and though he was home last I heard, he is still not well. They are saying he most likely will need a liver transplant.

I have other friends who are being over worked by the not nice companies they work for. It is really wearing them both down. I wish I could help them.

Justin's good friend Josh is still in Iraq. Last I knew he is driving around Baghdad in a truck looking for explosive devices.

I hope all of you who read this are well and that things are good in your end of the world.



Apr. 4th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
Thank you for saying I look good :-D And it really was no trouble, I'm just glad it all worked out in the end :-)