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May 31st, 2014

Hello to my LJ friends, :-)

I know this may come off as kinda tacky, seeing as I post here so often . . . *embarrassed blushing* (as a good friend of mine who is in a bluegrass band always says when she posts about their gigs *shameless self promotion*) - but I want to share some news I'm excited about.

Many of you, when I was writing fanfiction consistently, urged me to try writing stories that would be eligible for publication.

So I have.

I took a general writing course and a novel writing course, had a couple of short stories published, and started working on a cozy mystery novel. Cozy mysteries are like Agatha Christie's stories. Not gorey, not overly violent and not R or X rated.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that my first mystery, The Devil's Music, has been accepted for publication by International Hybrid Publishing Group out of Victoria, British Columbia. The release will be in November of this year.

I'll post here to keep you all up to date.

I will be thanking the writers and readers in the Tolkien fanfiction communities that I was active in on the book's acknowledgement page. If several of you hadn't encouraged me to try writing for publication, it never would have crossed my mind.

Thank you so much! :-)


Pearl Took - Tolkien Fanfiction Author,
Pearl R. Meaker - Author of "The Devil's Music"

http://pearlrmeaker.com to read the first chapter ;-)