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Create For Life

I hope some of my friends will join me in joining this wonderful group. :-)

Create for Life is the idea and dream of Lady Roisin, a writer, artist, and costume designer who also happened to have cancer. Roisin wanted to provide a means for the creative community to promote cancer awareness and raise money for a cure. Although she didn't live to see her dream come fully to life, her husband Eli and her friend Dawn are going ahead with the event in her memory, in memory of all other loved ones lost to cancer, and in hope that we will one day see an end to the shadow this disease casts on our lives.


Create for Life is inspired by Relay for Life. During the weekend of November 12 through 14, participating artists, writers, musicians, and craftspeople will practice the crafts they love in support of a cancer awareness and research.

There are several ways to participate. Similar to how Relay for Life works, participants can seek sponsors for their projects, who agree to donate to the American Cancer Society or a similar charity for progress made on a CfL project. For example, an author might ask for a donation for every 1,000 words she writes over the weekend. A knitter might ask for a donation for every scarf she knits. Flat donations to ACS by sponsors are, of course, more than welcome as well. Artisans who sell their creations may wish to sell or auction work created that weekend with proceeds going to ACS, as another means to participate.

However, donations are not the only way to participate. Awareness is just as important, and CfL participants are encouraged to post about their projects on their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and related sites to increase cancer awareness.

All types of artistic projects are welcome. You do not have to commit to any minimum time spent or donations made for the event. Simply set aside some time that weekend to spend doing what you love for a great cause!

Create for Life has a LiveJournal community with more information, a place to ask questions, and a forum for sharing your project ideas with fellow participants.


Whether you're able to participate this year or not, we greatly appreciate help passing the word about the event to other individuals and groups who may be interested in getting involved. We are just two people without any marketing specialists to help us get the word out! Please follow the rules on any groups you post to and remember that spam hurts--not helps--our cause.

If you are a member of LiveJournal, please do join the community and, if you are participating, come share your ideas with us!

Best regards,

Eli and Dawn