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A Morning on the Patio

Good morning! :-)
Today for the first time in many days I actually felt able to have breakfast and get some work on my computer done while being out on my lovely patio. The Northwest breeze is making it perfect even as the temp rises.
And, I had a perky visitor.
A male robin perched on a pillar
Posting that photo is reminding me to tell you all something -
I'm finding it very frustrating and difficult to post all the photos I want to post to these blogs. It often takes me most of a day to do one blog because of trying to get the layout of text and photos to be correct. It shows up fine when I'm writing it all up on the write it all up page of the blogging site. But when I publish it then go look at the page you all end up at to read . . .
Everything is all wonky.
I'm tired of all the fuss, fuss, fuss it has been taking to get it all to settle into place. On Wednesday I mucked about with a post that ended up not being posted for 5 hours. It never did work out right and I finally gave up.
I also tried seeing if setting it up on another blog site then copy/pasting it over would work, but it didn't.
What I'm going to have to do is put a photo or two in the actual blog then post a link to a photo hosting site where you can go to see more photos if you wish to.
I'm sorry to have to do it this way but it's the only way I see to stop having this blog be so frustrating to do.
I hope you all have a pleasant day and that you can get out and enjoy our nicer weather. :-)