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Hi :)

An update. This morning, when the shock had settled and such, and I looked at the printout I had made of the email, I noticed that it had been sent to many people - not just me. I often don't pay attentin to that area of emails so it didn't surprise me that it hadn't caught my eye before. This relieved things greatly, he wasn't just seeking info about Sarah.
So I called him. I'm glad I did as he was thrilled that someone had actually responded and he had that sound to him of a lonely young soldier at a military base. He is a machine gunner. He said, "I'll be going in with the guys that kick in the doors. I'll help kick in the door than set up a perimeter with my machine gun." A lot more dangerous position than my son was in. He has only been in the Marines for 7 months and is a Lance Corporal because he was good at obeying orders and doing his job. I teased him about was I hearing that right? Was this the same guy who had been a behaviour problem in high school? He chuckled, with a blush in his voice, and said yeah, he's been trying hard to put that guy behind him.
He seemed genuinely happy to hear that Sarah is engaged. I gave him my phone number, told him to tell his Mom that I called and to say hi to her for me.
Well, I'm off to Peoria. I'll find some place to hang around there until fencing tonight.
Thank you all for listening to me and for your support :)
knitting_hobbit: I went to a craft store near the hotel today and drooled over their yarn (they have a wonderful selection) and thought of you :) I have a pattern for wrist warmers that I was thinking might help my sometimes achy wrists. It calls for Lion Brand "Moonlight Mohair", but the stupid stuff costs $10 a ball!!!!! I think I'll use something else :)

Love to all :)


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Mar. 3rd, 2006 11:33 pm (UTC)
Good to hear about the soldier - just a general "send out to everybody" letter.

Hey - don't go drooling over yarns in stores - ick! *G*
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