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Good Morning :)

We did get snow in the recent midwest snow storm, but the temps have been high lately and the ground was warm, so it has already melted a fair amount. I tried to take a picture of the path of sunlight coming between mine and the house next door as it is full of snow diamonds, but the photo just didn't capture them well enough and playing with Photoshop didn't seem to help. *sigh* It is beautiful. I love snow diamonds.

An interesting thought: I wonder if digital is going to totally replace film. I like digital because I feel like I can shoot all the pics I want, sort through them later, and not have wasted money. But I know at one time it was thought that electronic amplifiers would totally replace vacuum tube amplifiers - in fact they virtually did. But now you can buy brand new tube amps. Musicians found that they sometimes wanted the warmth of sound that only the tube amps provide. I wonder if there will be something like that with film. That there will be some quality to the image that only film seems to capture?
No word yet on Alainn Teaghue, but then it's only been a week and Geoff said most likely it would be two weeks. I miss my fiddle :( But, I'm sure he will be so much better for his time at the fiddle spa. :)
I've gained back 3 pounds :(
I am sort of following Weight Watchers - I think I need to sort of follow closer. I really want to get below 170 as I've been told by several sources that it will greatly lessen my chances of getting Type 2 diabetes. *sigh* That means I have to lose 14lbs. That's to get just below 170. I need to be tougher with myself. I like too many things that really are fattening.

I need to move more. I have a rather decrepit exercise bike, but it has been relegated to the garage because one of my cats, Bobby, kept spraying it for some dumb reason. That and I got tired of it being in my living room which is the only room where there was room for it.

Maybe start walking as the weather improves :)



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Mar. 23rd, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
Good luck on the weight loss. As to film... there will always be somebody who wants to go retro and will use it.... but will it take over again? I seriously doubt it!
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