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A most odd day.

It started out fine.

A nice chat with MysteriousWays.

Bathing my cat, Bobby.

Looking forward to taking Sarah out for lunch for her 23 birthday.

It was the next to last item that went astray. We had a storm last night that blew our back door open and Bobby got shut out when I closed it. I got him back in this morning (at least he knew enough to stay near home) but he was dirty from the muddiness outside. I asked Sarah to come over early to help bathe the cat.

Bobby has never been easy to bathe - today he was ballistic. He started pulling stuff off the shelf over the kitchen sink, then managed to scratch both of us, so I carried him (mostly by his scruff) to the bath tub and away from plants on the shelf. Once in the tub he kept squirming and being crazy, ending with him biting me hard on my left ring and middle fingers. He has never ever bit before. Oddly, I think I let go of his scruff, leaving him hanging by his teeth in my fingers, because I seem to remember hitting him on the head to get him to let go.

This all hurt like hell.

I was crying hysterically and got a bit shocky while Sarah was shutting the cat in the bathroom so he didn't soak the house, turning off the water, trying to help me wash out the punctures in my fingers, and mopping up the small lake on the floor.

The fingers got washed with antibacterial soap. The bleeding stopped. We put neosporin on it all and she went to get lunch-to-go from the cafe where I had been planning to take her. She rented "Fever Pitch" (nice chick flick) and we ate lunch and watched the movie.

I'm supposed to be practicing my fiddle to be ready for the jam camp we are going to the end of May. I hope my fingers heal fast.

I'm tired now.

I think I'll try to catch a nap.

A cat nap . . .


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Apr. 20th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)
OUCH! Sounds painful. I have been bit by cats before and I know how it feels. Seems Bobby is not at all happy about baths. Sounds like the lunch went well considering. Hope you feel better soon.
Apr. 20th, 2006 12:46 pm (UTC)
No, he isn't :) It's a bit ooozy this morning so I'm calling my Dr. in a few minutes to see if I can get in. Thanks for checking in, GW :)
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