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Well, once again it has been a while . . .

Moods have been up and down though mostly on the downish end, that being part of the reason I haven't written here lately.

Hubby is home for vacation :) I love him and like to be with him - but he is high energy and I'm low energy and he wears me out. Also, I'm used to him being gone much of the time with his job, so I'm not used to someone being around me 24/7. So, it's fun and it's trying all at the same time.

Sarah and Michael's boxer, Maggie (one of their two boxers) had a puppy early on the morning of the 20th. It was killed by accident or on purpose by Maggie the early evening of the 21st. We have been told by those who really know dogs that this isn't all that uncommon, but it's still very sad. I was with their two boys that evening so Michael and Sarah could have an evening out, and it was the boys and I that found the dead pup. They are going to try breeding her again on her next heat in the fall, hopefully next time she will have more than one pup.

I got a story done for the next Marigold's challenge :) :)

Hubby and I are going to see/hear our favorite bluegrass band, River Ramblers, at a small festival on Sunday 28th. We leave Monday for vacation to a bluegrass jamming camp and large festival in Kentucky. It should all be great fun :) :) (I just wish the weather was cooler ;) )

I hope everyone has a meaningful and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend :)


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May. 27th, 2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
Wow... have a great time! Tell us all about it when you get back.

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