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I had a bad dream with my Mom in it just before waking this morning. Mind you, my Mom is a nightmare all on her own, but then she goes and invades my dreams. Ah, well . . . I must be having issues with life right now as it was a dream with Mom in it, in with my usual too much on my mind type dream of having lots of kittens around and not knowing what to do with them.

Things are going well with my new iMac, except my computer curse that has been hanging over me since my England trip seems to still be hovering about. Wednesday I forgot I had a glass of water over by the computer and my oldest cat, Raqad, had to go investigate and knocked the nearly full glass over . . . right into my keyboard. The rest of the day Wednesday and most of Thursday I had a dead keyboard. Good that a new one only cost $30.

Wish I was going to ORC. I'd try to finagle a way but 1) We've spent way too much money lately as it is (including the new iMac) and 2) I'd feel obssessive. But it would be so nice to meet Billy again. Rosemunda, get some wonderful pics to share with the rest of us.

Getting older is so weird. I feel like I'm still in my 20s much of the time, other times I feel older than dirt. My son had the weird experience of no longer being one of the "kids" at my Mother-in-law's house over Christmas. He hasn't been there for a visit in about 8 years and now he and his cousins are the young to middleage adults and their children (the ones who have children) are the kids who are getting the toys to play with. The niece who was nearly 9 years old when she was my flowergirl is turning 39 this March. Life goes on as it should, but it seems odd that our brains often don't seem to keep up and we percieve ourselves to be so much younger than our chronological years.

Well, I need to see if I can get some story writing in before Bruce gets up this morning.

Thanks for reading :)



Dec. 30th, 2005 10:47 pm (UTC)
Even, dear Pippin looks a bit pensive.

Is now a bad time to remind you how old I was when you got married?

I have no issues with age. I am six years old today, according to Tristan.