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Once again, it has been too long since I posted.

Fiddle lessons are going ok, though I didn't go this week. I've had two lessons, one with a sub and one with the regular teacher. I kinda like the the sub better. They hadn't seemed to work out between them what we would be doing which has also been a bit strange. The regular teacher expected us to bring tape recorders with us to record the simple and slow versions he would play of the songs we are to learn, but he didn't tell the sub (who had the first week's class with us) about that. She recorded the song she taught us on her Apple laptop that evening in class and then emailed it to us. Second class only one person brought a tape recorder and so the rest of us had no way to go over the songs. Also, they hadn't even discussed what songs we would be learning, so that wasn't co-ordinated either. Very weird. BUT, I have been learning some good practice and improvisation stuff from them. It is a drag having to go to St. Louis every week as it takes a two day chunk out of my week every week, so I don't think I'll take any more classes when this one is over. Although, visiting with MysteriousWays has been fun :)

I'm going through a bit of an odd spell.

I feel like I'm getting nothing done, even though I'm really doing quite a bit. I feel everything is being rather hit and miss.

MysteriousWays pointed out that I do have a lot of emotional stuff happening and that could be part of it. I'm helping Sarah with stuff for her Oct. 2007 wedding. Justin is nearly engaged - he has the ring, she has seen the ring, she knows she is getting the ring but they are waiting till August to actually become engaged. Don't ask me, I'm just the Mom. Justin's Guard unit is gearing up to go to Kuwait in early 2007 and I'm supposed to be heading up the newsletter for the Family Readiness Group - but they haven't been telling me when meetings are and such so I haven't done anything yet. Life is changing. Sarah has not been living at home for about 2 1/2 years but that's not quite the same as getting married. Justin is getting ready to make that step even though the wedding will be after he gets back from Kuwait. There's more going on as well, but it's more personal.


I think the fiddle lessons are stretching me a bit too thin. I sometimes think I would sell my soul for more energy. I so wish I was one of those people that can be doing a dozen different things, doing them all well, doing them consistently. I'm a 128K computer in a 80+GB world. My brain can only do so much then programs start to crash - well, more like just fade away.

I feel badly that I don't check everyone's LJs. I feel badly that I don't post much at the forums I belong to. If I keep up with those, then I don't have the time I need to write stories or practice fiddle and other stuff. :( I hate neglecting my friends.


Too much life and not enough time . . .

Truly, much love and many hugs to those of you who stop by to read this. I think of you all often - even if I don't get around to saying so on your LJs.



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Jun. 24th, 2006 04:07 am (UTC)
I know exactly how you feel about commenting. I meant to post something when you wrote about jam camp and I don't think that I did. I have been meaning to email PF and haven't done it. I have taken on too many challenge stories in too many challenges and I have only finished one at this point. My house needs painting inside and every week I tell myself I'll start that project and I don't. I have never been organized and it seem to be getting worse lately.

My mom says that planning my wedding and my sister's completely wore her down. I am guessing that you are working like wild to make sure that the wedding is perfect.

Breathe a bit and whenever you have time check in. We all know how RL can keep a person so busy that they can't post. My job often keeps me away from things I want to read or write.

Well, off to see if I can get an email finished to PF and then to read your latest chapter of P&D!
Jun. 24th, 2006 12:12 pm (UTC)
Bless you, m'dear!!

It's strange, MysteriousWays and I have noticed that a few years ago when the LOTR movies were first being released and the Billy forums were new and all, we (and others) seemed to have all this time to chat and post. Last year and this year that has been changing. I don't think it's just that we let everything else slide before, it really does seem that RL has got busier. She attributed some of it to what many people have said on the forums - Billy inspired a lot of us do try things we've always wanted to try and now we're busy doing them. I think she had a good point :)

I can so relate to having so many stories to write. I've had to stay away from most of the groups that I'd like to join (or have joined) with Tolkien Fanfic because I want to do all the challenges. I realized pretty fast that I couldn't do it all. Even if I would get the stories written, I wouldn't have time to read everyone's stories and then I'd feel badly. Although on the flip side I often have no story ideas without the challenges. Ah well, another of life's conundrums.

Hope you are well. Have fun writing PF and thank you in advance for reading the new chapter of P&D :)
Jun. 24th, 2006 07:41 pm (UTC)
Definitely... there should be lots of people to learn from that are closer than St. Louis! *S* And... probably better... *ggl*

Yeah, weddings get very busy about a year before... then another bump about 6 months before... then 3... then 2... then 1... then it's the week before the wedding and you can't believe it got here so SOOOOOON!
Jun. 26th, 2006 12:35 am (UTC)
I'm hoping so on the fiddling help :) I may run an add in the local paper.

I'm sure I'm gonna be going nuts by this time next year :-S At least Sarah is organized and is getting a lot of stuff done ahead :)
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