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An update

Hi Friends,

I'm writing to update on my last post.

First, my thanks to Roz, Cap'n Blood and Wednesday for writing comments to me, they were all appreciated, thank you. ((((you all))))

I have decided to end my relationship with the friend I spoke about. I felt it was the best for both of us. She knows or I wouldn't have posted this.

I'm fine. I've got lots of stuff to do and I'm going to be looking into some groups to join or a part-time job.

I spent time this morning with my daughter. We went out for breakfast then watched "Over The Hedge". Then I worked on a logo I've designed for a Tolkien Moot a friend of mine in England is planning for next fall.

Who knows, maybe I'll get some knitting done :-)

Thanks again everyone :-)


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Oct. 31st, 2006 11:25 pm (UTC)
Good for you! *hugs* Sometimes you need to just make the decision & stick it through.

Have you thought of maybe doing some local volunteering? Just a thought.

- W

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